Air Quality Monitor

Airatom Air Quality Monitor

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Usage/Application Indoor Air Quality
Brand Airatom
Automation Grade Automatic
Material ABS Plastic
Power In Build Li-ion Battery,mini Usb Charging Port
Size 8.5x3.5x8.5 Inch
Accuracy 1ug/m3, 1PPM
Number Of Sensors 3
Warranty 1 Year

Product Description :
The AA-ALLINONE-89 air quality monitor used High quality top notch Plant Power  dust sensor,& DS-CO2-20.    

The AA-ALLINONE-89 air quality monitor is used to continuously measure the particulate matter content at the workplace. It monitor displays PM2.5/pm1.0/pm10 particulate matter,HCHO,CO2 as well as temperature and humidity on the display.                                         

The measuring range  from 0 .. 1000 μg / m³ Particulate matter. This makes the meter an optimal  instrument to constantly have an overview of the fine dust content. On first page  the large measured value display of the PM2.5 content, the PM2.5 monitor provides quick information about the air quality with the aid of pictograms.
The AA-ALLINONE-89 fine dust monitor is powered by a rechargeable battery. The coloured LCD display is illuminated and easy to read from any angle, for example when the meter is on a desk.- PM2.5,PM10,PM1.0 fine dust   measurement.          
- Temperature and humidity display
- Illuminated LCD with 
- Pictograms indicate air quality
- Battery operation
- Micro USB for charging .
  • Accurate & Reliable Plant power Sensors Used
  • High Quality Color LCD Display
  • 1 Year Guarantee On Particulate Sensor Sensor
  • High Grade ABS Material Used, Smooth Finished Body

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: 100
  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks
  • Packaging Details: 15*10*9