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Brand Airatom
Model Name/Number AA-GAS-79
Weight 195 Gram
Material ABS Plastic
Dimensions 15 x 8.5 x 4 cm
Is It Portable Portable

All new AA-GAS-79 Air Quality Monitor from AIRATOM is an highly accurate & Reliable Air Quality Monitor uses Industrial Grade Sensors.
Features :
Defferentiates 23 Types of gases.
High quality numeric LCD Display.
Display concentration in PPM.
Environment assesment indicator.
Unique design, Detects CO2 Levels in 60 seconds.

Instrument details introduction :
Quantity of electricity.
HCHO average value in 60 minutes.
HCHO average value in 30 minutes.
CO2 average value in 10 minutes.
Real-time environmental assessment.
Press the button 5 times to switch language.
Hold detection values.
Hold down key 3s to calibration instrument.
Hold down key 3s to switch the detector.
Keep it ventilated.

Why choose Airatom:
Premium Quality :
Airatom Air Quality Monitors use only high quality materil, for 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

CE certified parts.
Industrial grade sensors.
No service required.

OLED Display :
Brightest and long life organic light emitting diode display.

High Quality Sensor:
CE certfied accurate & reliable industrial grade gas sensors AQI according to detected gas concentration levels.
Monitor TVOC, HCHO, CO2 Levels.
Measures 23 different gases.
Industrial Grade Sensors Use.
Highly Accurate & Reliable.

Econo Mode
Econo mode ensures minimum power consumption during long running hours.