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Take control of the air you breathe with Airekart's smart air quality devices.

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Air Quality Monitoring and Remediation

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air and be healthy.

Airatom Air Quality Monitor

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Co2 Meter

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AirAtom Air Quality Monitoring

Experience Airatom smart CAAQMS device for monitoring ambient air quality

It provides real-time data seamlessly integrated on AQI mobile and TV Apps

Versatile Connectivity - Wifi, GSM, RS-485 | Highly Accurate Data

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Construction Site Air Quality Monitoring

New guidelines by CAQM, Govt. of India, require PM2.5 monitors at construction sites to measure dust pollution.

Accurate, Affordable, and Intelligent

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Airatom offers tailored air pollution instruments, delivering India's first cost-effective, smart-enabled, data cloud storage,
and precise air quality monitoring devices and clean air solutions to meet our clients' needs.

AQI Ranges

Discover the insights on your health conditions through Air Quality Index (AQI) values.


Good: No health risks; safe for everyone.

Moderate: Acceptable air quality for healthy adults, but sensitive individuals may be affected.

Poor: Air quality may cause breathing difficulties and impact health.

Unhealthy: Toxic air can particularly affect young children and the elderly.

Severe: Breathing polluted air may lead to chronic health issues.

Hazardous: AQI above 400 is extremely dangerous and can cause premature death.